Yatzy Dice Master

Yatzy Dice Master

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Yatzy Dice Master version 1.02 updated

1) After 30 seconds of searching, you can now continue the search for a random online opponent while playing other games. 2) Bug Fix: It kept saying "Tap here to remove the adverts!" instead of only once. 3) Bug Fix: The Weekly leaderboards were showing the Daily scores. 4) Bug Fix: You couldn't change from Yatzy to Maxi Yatzy or Mini Yatzy from the Play Friends screen.

The description of Yatzy Dice Master

Roll five dice to play the classic game of Yatzy against friends or randomly matched players online. You can also play solo and offline if you're not feeling very sociable. Watch the dice leap out of your screen as they crash, rattle and roll around in the most satisfying of ways. Earn in-game gold coins as you progress and use them to collect new dice designs that range from simple, to wild. If you're not familiar with this classic dice game that's very similar to Yahtzee, then a walk through tutorial is included that you can skip at any time. Yatzy is a relaxing and addictive game of chance that anyone can learn and score highly, but with a little bit of strategy you can become a Yatzy Master! Features * Mesmerizing 3D dice that rattle and roll off each other during each throw. * Five dice Yatzy, Double Yatzy, Triple Yatzy and Mini Yatzy. * Six dice Maxi Yatzy. * Easy to understand user interface. * Interactive tutorial for beginners. * Send an invite code to friends and family to play an online game with you. * You'll only be matched with a random player if you request to play one. * If you're not a fan of social games then play on your own, trying to improve your highest scores. * Daily, Weekly and All Time Great online leaderboards. * A large selection of fine looking dice to collect. Download more amazing games from Digital Smoke for your iPhones and iPads: Solitaire City (Free and Paid) 10 Pin Shuffle (Free, Paid and Skillz Tournaments Edition) Silly Saucers (Free)

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    Jul 01, 2020

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