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Solitaire City

Current Version: 7.13
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4.67103 /5.0
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Solitaire City version 7.13 updated

1) Now works on iOS 13 (fixed Landscape Lock chaos). 2) Added Dark Mode support on iOS 13. 3) Added an “Add Friends” button to the Game Center leaderboards. 4) You can now send a download link to friends via WhatsApp and Other Apps as well as Messages and Mail (Tell Your Friends). 5) Fixed a bug in the Demon rules that prevented you moving a single card from the end of a tableau column to a single tableau card on an empty column

The description of Solitaire City

Play all your favorite solitaire games such as Klondike, Double Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Spiderette, Tri-Peaks, Scorpion, Pyramid, Three Shuffles and a Draw and many more. A unique training system is included that teaches you the game rules and points out valid moves as you play. No more confusing rules to read. Learn new solitaire games as you play! Solitaire City is played against the clock for points. The faster you complete a game, the higher your score. Think you have an epic score? Then take a look at the numerous Game Center leaderboards to see how it compares with players from all around the world. View your friends' scores on their own separate leaderboards too. Numerous game rules offer nearly 70 solitaire variations: * Klondike (6 variations) * Spider One, Two and Four Suits * FreeCell (7 variations) * Double Klondike (3 variations) * Spiderette One, Two and Four Suits * Tri-Peaks (2 variations) * Scorpion One, Two and Four Suits * Alternations (4 variations) * Three Shuffles and a Draw * Demon/Canfield (4 variations) * Poker Squares (4 variations) * Pyramid (4 variations) * Cribbage Squares (3 variations) * Golf (4 variations) * Casket (2 variations) * Eliminator (3 variations) * Yukon (3 variations) * La Belle Lucie * Demon Fan * Shamrocks * Fan * Super Flower Garden * Baker's Dozen * Blind Alleys (2 variations) * Accordion (2 variations) FEATURES * Universal iPhone/iPad App * Drag cards or tap to move them * Classic Solitaire/Patience (Klondike) * Stunning HD graphics on all Retina displays * Enhanced HD graphics on iPads * Landscape & portrait support * Rotate the device during play to switch orientation * Impressive graphical effects * Timed scoring system * Game Center online leaderboards and achievements * Interactive training * Suggest a move button * Statistics * Listen to iTunes music while playing * Fun sound effects and sound themes * Create your own sound themes * Custom background graphics * Use photos from your album or camera as a background or card back * Choice of detailed card designs and card backs * Replay the same game deal * Unlimited undos * Saves game position when the phone rings * Left and right handed options * Serious addiction NOTES: 1) Three Shuffles and a Draw, La Belle Lucie etc can be found under the "Fan Games" section as separate game Rules. 2) There is an option that can ask you to confirm if you want to end a game on the Settings screen. It's called "Confirm New/End" and if you're prone to accidentally hitting the New button during play then simply turn it on. 3) If you like to play Solitaire City in bed, then you can lock the display to either landscape or portrait, again from the Settings screen. Try our other games, "10 Pin Shuffle" and "Silly Saucers", also available on the App Store.

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    Games Card Entertainment Casino

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    59.72 MB

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    Requires iOS 9.0 or later

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    Oct 24, 2016

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839 total
  • @Pastagirl of Galadrial

    Highly recommend! It's the only Solitaire I play now & I tried many. Lots of variety, tutorials, & great scoring so you can compete with yourself. More different games than others. If you get tired of the "celebration" after the win, just hit "end game" to stop & get your score. Absolutely love this APP!! But warning, its highly addictive. Definitely the BEST!!

  • @Miss Kaytay

    This is my go-to app whenever I have a “sit and wait” moment. It offers a wide range of fun card games. Whenever I get bored with one, I simply try out another one. It’s managed to keep me entertained on a daily basis for almost 5 years now! The set-up of this app is logical, it rarely has glitches, and while the free version has ads, the placement of them is not annoying.

  • @Ebbinghaus1

    I have played many more than 2000 Games of this solitaire. All in classic Klondike mode. I am convinced that the tally of successive wins and loses is buggy. Just now i was going for my 5th consecutive win, which I won!!! BUT the tally of successive wins reset to ZERO!!!! Clearly I am addicted to this game but just as clearly something is wrong with the successivs wins counting function!!

  • @missy***)

    Two thumbs up! Lots of games to choose from with options for training; next move help; undo your last move; pause. No ads on the game screen. Great layouts and quick action. One of my favorites.

  • @ProudPittieMom

    I've used this app for a couple of weeks & I expect I'll use it for years. There's a great selection of solitaire games, each with easy to understand rules. You can even play along with a training game to be sure you understand how to play. The scoring is fun & the entire app is addictive - so much variety.

  • @danpajo

    Still my favorite solitaire game after years of playing. The subtle variations help to keep your favorite games fresh. And there is every style of solitaire you could imagine and plenty that I knew nothing about. The teaching mode helps for that.

  • @jazquilter

    I’ve been a solitaire fan since I was a child. This version gives me challenges, and is always there when I just want a little challenge, like Klondike, or a big one, like pyramid.

  • @katcrzy559

    I've had this app for years now. I just upgraded to the "new" version and it still has all my high scores and statistics. Most ads are non-invasive, just full screen ads when you win a game (not if you lose!). These games are a great way to pass a few minutes while waiting for people or in bed trying to get sleepy. After long breaks I always go back to it. Updates have always improved the app. Overall, I really enjoy this app.

  • @mattsumo

    I've had this app from iPhone 3 to 6. Easy to learn, quick to update, ads are not a pain, loyally keeps your stats, it's chill when you need to pause, good for anytime you feel like killing a game of spider.

  • @AmandaV13

    This version of solitaire has so many different games with so many different rule settings you can play a almost limitless variety of games. Rarely crashes! Spend the money and go avert free.

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