Shorts or Pants?

Shorts or Pants?

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NO ADS — Ever SIMPLE — No clutter between you and the weather CUSTOMIZABLE — See only the details you care about BEAUTIFUL — Clean, elegant interface with tasty animations ——— What can you do with Shorts or Pants? Well, yes, you can see if it’s a shorts or a pants sort of day. But it’s also just a super quick way to find the weather details you care about. Add multiple locations and see the weather for all of them on a single screen. For each location, you can add cards such as: • Shorts or Pants? (Of course) • Temperature • Weather Icon • Precipitation • Sunrise & Sunset • Wind Speed and Direction • Wind Chill …with more cards being added all the time! (Many coming directly from user requests) Tap into any card to see a daily and hourly forecast for that metric! On top of all of that: • See weather alerts from your local weather authority for each location • Choose your favorite units for temperature, wind speed, and precipitation • Easily get help, send feedback, and request features, right from the app • Enjoy consistent updates and have your voice heard

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    Requires iOS 14.0 or later

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    Apr 02, 2021

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    © Reed Moseng

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