Pope Selfie

Pope Selfie

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Pope Francis is coming to the USA! During his trip he will visit the cities of Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia. In Philly the Pope will be attending the World Meeting of Families 2015. During this trip, the Pope will give important speeches and teachings on how the be better persons and how to build a better society. He will also be for sure taking selfies with some lucky people. Whether you meet the Pope or not, download this app and you'll be able to take your own selfie with Pope Francis!! Download now this app and get your selfie with the Pope that you can share with your friends and family. There are various possible selfies, swipe your finger across the screen to select the one you like the most. Take a selfie with Pope Francis and share it!

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    Sep 22, 2015

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  • @AmexNomad

    Very Easy to use. Downloaded prior to my holiday in Argentina. Hysterical to have The Pope with us throughout our trip.

  • @rafaechart

    Its such an increible app, why would i go to the Vatican when i alredy have a selfie with the pope. I want a version with obama and other important people, who needs to travel now, huh?

  • @Kabg15

    Love this app but it stopped working after an iPhone update. It does not access the camera on the iPhone. I hope there is a fix/update. Would be willing to pay for an updated Pope Selfie that works with updates.

  • @Pandacorn17

    People think I really meet him😂 Great app☺️

  • @S80000000000

    The stickers in iMessage are cute but I can’t take selfies because there’s no way to grant camera access.

  • @Joseph Fernandez Jr.


  • @Zikerr

    It was an ok app that has a funny concept minus the fact that pro life agenda was being pushed

  • @Thisisart

    I really don't know much about the pope but these selfies of us together are pretty slick -- Update: I was swiping through the app and a giant "pro life" logo came on the camera screen. My girlfriend happened to be in the picture and I snapped her making a pretty sweet face. 😱 It's our favorite one yet, I literally had to come on here and update my review about it.

  • @Shazbot!

    The Pope is taking selfies, and I'm in them!

  • @Ron Tozzie

    The app insists that you grant camera access, but offers no way to do so. It does not even list itself as an app in settings.

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