Pinata Punishers: Idle Clicker

Pinata Punishers: Idle Clicker

Current Version: 1.3.1
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4.35652 /5.0
Total Reviews: 230

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Pinata Punishers: Idle Clicker version 1.3.1 updated

- Bug Fixes & Optimizations

The description of Pinata Punishers: Idle Clicker

Celebrate the Piñata Carnival with all the townsfolk in this fun and wacky idle clicker game where you bash as many piñatas as you can, collect hoards of candy and punish evil piñatas before they destroy the carnival! CRUSH Piñatas Unlock unique piñatas and tap to bash them to bits. Hire a luchador manager to bash them for you and watch the candy roll in. COLLECT Candy Watch your candy hoard increase as you punish piñatas then use it to upgrade your piñatas, sticks or manager. UNLOCK New Piñatas Keep smashing those piñatas to level up then unlock new unique piñatas to punish. CHALLENGE Wacky Bosses! Face off against evil piñata bosses and smash them until they concede then unleash unique finishing moves on them like Nuclear Chipotle or Death by Chihuahua! UPGRADE Your Carnival Unlock upgrades to increase your carnival fun. Increase your hit speed, income or make the piñatas drop more candy among other things. GAIN Prestige Start your game over and receive crazy new bonuses with Prestige! Gain perks like Golden Nachos, increases in experience, improved drop-rates and more damage! Don't worry you won't lose your golden nachos, punishments and upgrades when going for more prestige! Piñata Punishers is free to play though some in game items can be purchased with real money. If you want to limit this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings. -------------------------- More Great Games by Rogue: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:

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    Games Entertainment Simulation Action

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    176.61 MB

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    Requires iOS 9.0 or later

  • Released:

    Apr 28, 2020

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    © Rogue Games

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230 total
  • @Surfer!13

    Boss fights? Golden nachos? Piñata bashing? Prestige mode? I love this game and how unique it is in a crowded market of uninspired idle clicker games. Lvl 45 and climbing!

  • @puggyboy1000

    Here I like the game and to keep it high

  • @tvvvshgdhsudbc

    I love this game

  • @Socctoc

    The idea is amazing if im gonna be honest, im enjoying the game sooo so much. But i cant give it more than three stars, even if it deserves way more. What brings down the score is the constant crashing thats guaranteed to happen whenever day of the dead shows up, and the random crashes that also sometimes occurs. When i updated the game it even got so bad that i couldnt do ANYTHING due to crashing, so i uninstalled and reinstalled it but completely gave up on the boss pinatas which made the game as playable as it was before the update. Also, im not sure if its just my phone but it gets REALLY really hot after only a few minutes of using the app. I really really like this game and i really hope the devs find a way to at least fix the crashes permanently :( Edit: not long after this the game began crashing within seconds of starting the app. I dont want to uninstall and reinstall it again so please try to do something about this, as i was really liking the game so far

  • @Mkarraa89

    Piñata Punishers has been the perfect Casual game for me. I don’t have too much time during the day and this was a great fit. I can work on improving my piñatas a little at a time and growing my candy generating empire. I love the art style and the boss fights. Specially how they get progressively more challenging as you progress. I am currently looking forward to unlocking some more piñatas and fighting more challenging bosses!

  • @real TNT gamer

    there’s a glitch it’s keep on kicking me out fix it please I love your game and I want to play the game for a longe time please fix the bug and I want to do bosses. im not going to play your game now because it’s kicking me out when I go in the game it kicks me out😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • @Rrgnj

    I’ve never been lured by the idea of an idle clicker, but something about the game art and theme got me to hit the “download” button. Gun slingers? Check! Luchadores? Check! Nachos? Sold! I was pleasantly surprised to see that the game had me coming back to it often. This game is very addictive. My piñata collection is growing and improving each day. Since I was captured by the art style I decided to check some of Gunstone’s other games out and ran into Fire Panda -another gem, you should check it out. I specially love the boss fights and the hilarious introductions. My favorite: “you brought a stick to a gun fight” . Genius!

  • @Whalesharksrule33

    Crashes about every second.

  • @Jawntron

    Not a game, just an ad machine

  • @19359729458729048751584752578

    The game keeps kicking me out when I go to the piñata fight>:c 1 stars

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