Mise: A minimalist recipe box

Mise: A minimalist recipe box

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Did you know that there are more possible recipes out there than there are atoms in the universe? Think about that for a hot second—then create order out of recipe chaos with Mise! Mise is an easy to use, minimalist recipe box that displays recipes in a consistent and beautiful format. Its simple approach reduces the time you spend navigating recipes, so you can focus on mastering your dish. Don't lose track of the personal adjustments you made to your favorite dishes. Edit recipes with ease, and keep all your inspirational apps, YouTube channels, and blogs, organized—use Mise to document those contentful links. Features include: - Create, manage, and search recipes - Easy edit (including a drag & reorder feature for ingredients and references) - Anchored ingredient names for quicker reading & gathering - Document inspirational references/links (i.e. videos, reels, blog posts, etc.) - Drag your finger across ingredients to keep track of where you are while you cook - Last updated date & time log - Flexible format (if you don't fill out a section, you don't see it!) Personalizations: - Curated font & color options (3 fonts & 4 color themes) - Dark mode available for each set (Comes with initial purchase— no in-app purchase required.) You own all your data, period. It is stored in your iCloud. Happy cooking, baking, cocktail making, and more. Share using #miseapp! With love, Mise Team

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    Requires iOS 14.0 or later

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    Apr 29, 2021

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