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FanUp version 1.12 updated

We update the app regularly so that we can make it better for you. This version includes several fixes and performance improvements, including: - Home Feed Slider Videos - Leaderboard features - Minor Bug fixes

The description of FanUp

**It's not too late to win incredible prizes in our March Madness contest!!** Our "Tourney Madness" Contest will feature giveaways from Peloton, and Mirror, including a Peloton Bike+ and Mirror Home Gym. This contest is super fun, easy and continuously puts you in the middle of the action, round by round. No more messy brackets with red outline, or busted brackets. Check it out and remember, Just be fans.™ FanUp is the best way to enjoy fantasy sports, together; with friends and rival fans. The days of endless text scrolls are over. Enjoy sports the way they're meant to be, with fun, easy and visual content that blends pop-culture and sports for your favorite teams, players, brands and influencers. Do it for the Gram, or do it for cash money, the coolest brand prizes (Jordan's, Peloton, Mirror, rare autographed rookie cards of your fav players), and the ultimate bragging rights. It's all about you, your squad, and our community. We have the sauce for every fan; whether you keep it casual, or you're hardcore. We've got you covered with our super fun gameplay; one-of-a-kind Tier + fun questions contests for the NFL, NBA, esports, The Bachelor, and Cricket, Cross Over and Squares (coming soon), Pick 6, Challenges and Group Play (squad up with your friends). Get inspired, as we level out the playing field empowering every fan to win. No boring salary cap bros, no 150 entries, no bots. We're all about simplicity and ease of use. Enter FanUp's free to play or cash contests in less time than it takes to scroll your Tik Tok vids. Sports are social, and so is our Feed. View others' picks, talk trash with the best of them, and .GIF'em what you got. Build your brand meng. Stack chips for every like, comment, share, and invite. Grow your fanbase with our immersive player profiles and user generated content. Gamified like the PS5. Level up and earn redeemable points with every perfect Pick 6, comment, like, and copy of others' picks. Swag out with the freshest badges on the block. Shoot your shot and share your Ben Simmons styled air ball across any social platform. Enjoy the #1 Fan Community for sports and esports fans in the World. See if you have what it takes to be the #1 MVF (the world's Most Valuable Fan). Just be fans. Why you will love FanUp: * We're a community. Not a deserted island. * We always compete. In groups, with rivals, and with ourselves. * We level the play. Winning isn't impossible. It's the norm. * Experience the euphoria of the Super Bowl every day, with your fav influencers & brands. Fantasy Contests with FanUp's Flair for Fun. Tier Contests: Fun and easy to join (NFL, NBA, The Bachelor, LOL, CS:GO, IPL Cricket, and more). No salary cap or pricing. Make a lineup mixing Super Stars and Role players from any team, and answer 5-10 fun pop culture questions. It's just that easy. NFL + NBA Crossover Tiered Contests: Sounds amazing, right? It’s just that good. Imagine Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Steph Curry and LeBron all on the same team. You’ll have to join the app to see it for yourself. Make fantasy a whole new reality. Survivor Contests: Oh yeah! It's like a March Madness Bracket any day or week, for your fav leagues (NFL, NBA, LOL, CS:GO, IPL Cricket, and even the Bachelor). See if you have what it takes to pick the most winners. It requires skill, and a calculated risk. The Recap. * Sports and Esports, Gamified. * The Sauce for Every Contest. * Play with Friends and Rival Fans. * Win Every time you Shoot your Shot (cash, points, pride, badges, brands). * Build a following. * Become the World's #1 MVF. * And, Just be fans.™

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