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Carers Community is a resource dedicated to supporting the tens of thousands of unpaid, informal carers across the UK. We aim to provide carers with a wide range of curated, safe, trustworthy and reliable sources of information and news as well as providing a community of like-minded people so that we can support each other. Our ambition is to develop an online community for carers which is informative, supportive, kind and valuable. We want to build a community that is as varied as the individual carers and their needs. Through topic-based groups we can provide you with and link you to information that is relevant to you – so if you care for someone with dementia, there is a group for you. Our initial community groups are listed here: · Young Adult Carers · Mental Health Carers · Cancer Carers · Learning disabilities /ASD Carers · Parent Carers · Physical Disabilities Carers · Carers for Older People · Parents of Young Carers · Dementia Carers · Employment and Training We intend to develop the Carers Community so that it provides a first-class resource for informal carers. What the Carers Community App provides: · Regular updates on matters of interest to carers; · Carers news – both national and local; · Training for carers through online webinars and live stream; · Curated video and podcast content from great sources around the world; · A calendar of interesting events to take part in; A library of resource- Carers Community also provides a resource library of information sheets, video’s, podcasts, leaflets and other materials that will help you navigate the sometimes complex world of being a carer. Access to experts- Carers Community gives you direct access to our expert staff team who have been supporting carers for many years. Ask them questions, seek information, arrange a support call. You can do all of this from within the App. A growing resource - By making the Carers Community available to local and national organisations who support carers we are sure that you will be able to access the support and information you need whether you are looking for a local support group or some general information. And, if you do not see what you need – let us know and we will do our best to provide that within the community. Carers Community is all about you as a carer. A genuine and useful community for all of your needs. Being a carer can be difficult, lonely, frustrating, rewarding, entertaining, rewarding, demoralising and, so many other things. The one thing being a carer isn’t, is simple. We hope that Carers Community will help you in your role.

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