Basketball Club Story

Basketball Club Story

Current Version: 1.24
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5 /5.0
Total Reviews: 43

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Basketball Club Story version 1.24 updated

Now available in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean!

The description of Basketball Club Story

Make your very own world-class basketball team! Specialize in one skill? Be a jack-of-all-trades? Or something in between? Create your own basketball team, recruit a cast of zany players, and compete against other teams. It's up to YOU to coach them to victory! Plus, build facilities for your clubhouse for your players and visitors to enjoy. Mix, match, and position them however you like! Sign with sponsors to gain impressive monetary support. Foster them alongside the rest of your team for even more rewards! Don't forget to connect with your local fans through community outreach. The more they learn about basketball, the more passionate they'll become! With the help of your players, sponsors, and spectators, you'll create the world's best basketball team! All game progress is stored on your device. Save data cannot be restored after deleting or reinstalling the app. Transferring data to another device is not supported. Try searching for "Kairosoft" to see all of our games, or visit us at Be sure to check out both our free-to-play and our paid games! Kairosoft's pixel art game series continues! Follow us on Twitter for the latest Kairosoft news and information.

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    Games Simulation Sports Entertainment

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    252.46 MB

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    Requires iOS 7.0 or later

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    Sep 24, 2019

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    ยฉ Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

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    4.99 USD


43 total
  • @chinatown warrior

    It seems like itโ€™s harder to win in this game compared to their other ones, or maybe Iโ€™m just bad ๐Ÿ˜…but the game is still very fun nonetheless. A lot of depth as is all their games. ๐Ÿ’– thank you Kairosoft for your hard work and quality games!! Am loving your games always.

  • @badicblkguy

    I have been waiting sooooo long for basketball!!! I bought this just to support the company because I definitely do not read Japanese BUT I AM EXCITED FOR THE ENGLISH VERSION!!

  • @Hbkjulio

    Been a fan of Kairosoft since Game Dev Story. Kairosoft never disappoints.

  • @greedybadger

    Canโ€™t speak a lick of Japanese but this game is very fun and charming. if it was in English and I could tell what I was doing would play it non stop but sometimes I get stuck and confused on what Iโ€™m even doing๐Ÿ˜‚. Like I said easily the best basketball game on mobile.

  • @brytenks

    Iโ€™d like to say, this is a great way to pass time, game is exquisite and entertaining, now I would like to see if itโ€™s possible to have an American Football game, the challenge is in the air Kairosoft, keep it up guys. :)

  • @Puttyfk

    Bought this game to support Kairo. I couldnโ€™t read Japanese. English please!!!

  • @ScribbleBear

    This is the best one thatโ€™s been made in ages. It has everything the traditional kairosoft fans like myself (who have played every single one) enjoy! I am still playing my game past the ending because it is so addictive and thereโ€™s still much to unlock and do. They have listened to our feed back and made a real gem. Down with freemium gaming and โ€œpay to unlockโ€ !!!

  • @Mrniceguy17

    Thank you for an English version. You keep listening to our demands. Also, thank you for being one of the only developers out there, who truly give full games at a reasonable price. Pay to win is killing gaming.

  • @kl16116

    ! ! ! Gotten far in the game without knowing a lick of Japanese but I would like to know what Iโ€™m reading please update the game with an English option ! ! !

  • @Zdstein

    I have been a fan of your games for years and have always wondered why you were not making more sports titles. Now you have basketball but itโ€™s only available in Japanese??? Please make haste in translating this to English

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