Audioengine Control

Audioengine Control

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This is the companion app to set up the Audioengine B-Fi Music Streamer. Connect to your existing stereo and home network and stream high-resolution multiroom audio directly from this app, your favorite music services or music library using any phone, tablet, or computer. HI-FIDELITY HOME MUSIC STREAMING After setup using your iPhone or iPad, any music player or streaming app can be used from any device to play all your music, including your favorite downloaded songs. MULTIROOM LISTENING EXPERIENCE Add additional Audioengine B-Fi streamers and turn any stereo into a multiroom music system. Control your music, volume, and speaker selection from anywhere in your home and play any song in any room (or all rooms). VERSATILE PLAYBACK Select the B-Fi streamer as the audio output in iOS Music and if your favorite player has audio output settings, you can select B-Fi as the output directly in the app. The good news is any music player will work for iOS and MacOS as well as DLNA or UPnP options for other operating systems. AUDIOENGINE SIGNATURE SOUND Audioengine B-Fi Music Streamers connected to your existing music systems provide low-latency and seamless audio synchronization between multiple speakers with digital and analog outputs for premium HD wireless audio. So no matter how you listen, Audioengine audio quality and simplicity will always be best-in-class. • Simple set up and control with multiroom music and stereo pairing • High-fidelity music streaming for your home with any song in any room • Play different songs in different rooms or the same song in every room • Stream from your favorite music services and library using your phone, tablet, and computer • Play on-demand internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks, and save your favorites • Supports multiple users and multiple music players • Low-latency and seamless audio synchronization between multiple speakers • Digital outputs for premium HD wireless audio NEED HELP? Find FAQs and more info here: Or send us an email: [email protected]

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    Requires iOS 10.0 or later

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    Mar 27, 2020

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7 total
  • @Bddslg

    The app will only see some of the music on my computer and sorts it poorly. It also loses connection with the pc and tends to lose Wi-Fi completely at times, requiring a reset. Sometimes it must be reset more than once for it to again see the pc.

  • @miss american't

    This B-Fi companion app is the best! Our house is full of music lovers with some type of speaker system in most rooms. My husband got these and set up in the kitchen and one in the living room and said we would instantly be able to upgrade our existing systems into a multi-room music “monster” (trying to convince me he was saving us money 🙄). I thought, nice try! But, I have to admit, he was right!! Depending on what I’m doing I can stream all my music wirelessly through my phone, either through my the Control app, my own music library or through other apps using airplay. While I’m doing things around the house I can play the same music in all rooms without have to disconnect and reconnect. Or, if I’m cooking, I can choose to just play in the kitchen. Going back and forth is a breeze! Anyone in the house can use the app and you can actually see what’s playing in what room at any time. Pretty cool! Although, my husband finds it hilarious that he can get on and hi-jack my room from his phone. Lol. Also, now that I work from home, I figured out that you can also stream from your computer. Anyway, I’m not usually one for tech gadgets, but this is easy to setup and keep everyone happy! Only problem is my teenager now wants one for her room so she doesn’t have to listen to Peter Gabriel. Haha!

  • @audiodude9

    Set up was straightforward and intuitive. Audioengine products have always been top notch and this app works well with the Audioengine multiroom system.

  • @1234134133

    I used this app to set up and configure my Audioengine B-Fi wifi adapter and no issues. I recommend following the voice prompts and text instructions in the app.

  • @beachbum 01

    My Audioengine B-Fi units allowed me to upgrade my current home music system into a multi-room system without having to reinvest into a whole new system! I was worried about the app to control the system and it’s performance, but it worked flawlessly and it was very simple to use.

  • @Poppa Toof

    This companion app is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. I have a lot of parties at my house and being able to choose which rooms/systems are playing music is so much fun. Definitely recommend it!!

  • @SonyAlphaShooter

    This is a v1.0 app so I expected some bumps.. should get better after a few revisions. I listen to Tidal. Missing from this app are the AI generated playlists. Also, History , recommended artists and albums. And probably a few other things a user would take for granted. Don’t know if there’s issues with the other services too. But IMO they should have spent a bit more time in Beta before releasing this app.

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